FAQ - Guides & Local Experts

Most frequent questions and answers

Guides are the professional who are certified by either state government authority or central bodies. Guides work with us are freelancer and  may also be associated with other companies as well. 

Local Experts are individual or their companies who are creating and operating the experiences which they are passionate about. We work with individual who has curated some unique local experiences for their city, food, culture or things to do around in a different way.

For e.g. Person has left his corporate career to showcase art around its city which has amazing stories and traveler should see value in those experiences or Home maker passionate who wanted to showcase culinary skills, or brand manager in a corporate wanted to show like minded traveller shopping areas what she likes etc. 

Local experts may or many not have necessary a certificate from any authority but past expertise will matter and customer feedback a lot.

Professional Guide become after they get a license from local or central authority after passing certain duration of training and examination. 

Guides also need skills and expertise in language in order to cater different nationality. 

There are no joining charges on our platform. We have certain guidelines. If a guide or local expert posses the guideline we will contact and check the credentials. Once approved by us you can be our enrolled partner.