Most frequent questions and answers

IndiHoliday is market place for Indian Suppliers of tours and excursions & foreign tour operators who sends visitors to India. Foreigns tour operator are the buyers of the product which has been supplied by Indian travel agents and DMC’s.

Indian tour operators are India’s Destination Management companies or travel agents who curate Indian travel package and wan to sell to foreigner tour operator. 

Yes, Indian tour operator/Agents can also buy travel package on IndiHoliday from other suppliers listed by simply searching products and buying online. 

Indian travel agent, Destination Management companies can upload travel packages to IndiHoliday for being eligible on marketplace.

Registration on IndiHoldiay is very easy you just need to click on Sign up page if you Foreign tour operator (Buyer) click here to register. If you are Indian Supplier for travel package click here to Sign Up. 

No there are no registration charges and also its FREE to upload as many holiday package you can curate and upload.