Become a Local Champion, live a flexible life and earn Money also.

Imagine getting paid from your hobby or passion by showing friendly traveller, your favourite hiking trails or eating your favourite Vada pav of Samosa at best places to eat in your city or local clubbing or history of your city or hidden restaurants in your city.   

locals showing foreign tourist CSTM and eating vada pav

Meet New People

Get connected with friendly travellers who are looking for authentic experiences

Create Experiences

Share your wealth of knowledge by designing tours, walks, and experiences that others will enjoy.

Flexible working

Work at your terms and condition, no fix 9-5 job. List your timings and availability and start your work

Earn Money

Getting paid to show your favorite hiking trails, the best places to get street food, or the local wildlife?

Show your city
Art, history, architecture, food, museum, treck, etc

Your local knowledge can help provide travelers with a true local experience – something they can never find in a guidebook or at a mainstream tourist attraction.

Who Can Become Local Champion?

Anyone can become our local champion. It doesn’t matter where you are located in the world. If you are student or working professional or local expert professional or home maker ladies passionate about food or anything can join us and become our Local Champion. 

Individual who are have any passion be it food, culture, city sight seeing, hidden treasure can become our local champions. 

Lead tours for intellectually curious travelers, or design your own unique experiences that others will enjoy

You are choosing a lifestyle where you can work as much or as little as you want based on your terms and availability 

Indian Woman Cooking Tour

Benefits for Local Champion

Create Experiences

Design your own experiences, set the pricing for the trips you design and let traveller chose your experience.

Do what you enjoy

Live the life you love in the destination of your choice

Earn Money

Meet people, share experiences, and earn a paycheck. Where else can you get paid to be a tour guide who takes people off the beaten track?

About Us

TheIndianTrip and Indiholiday cater to travelers who want to experience life through the eyes of a local – and you’re that local. Travelers login our website where they search for tours and experiences that interest them. They select a guide who is local champion, choose a tour, and book it.

Traveling is the ultimate adventure and we are revolutionizing the way that people experience the world.

Sign up today and share the things that you love about your backyard. This is one of the coolest ways to get paid to do what you love.